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Kazrajas 2 years ago
Well guys; there are a couple of indisputable facts that we know. One is that one of the Dems greatest and previously most successful tactics is to blame us and Trump for whatever it is they're doing. They are still trying to do that every single day but too many of us are woke and see right through them. If they're screaming obstruction then we know that is what they're doing. Their tactics are really so simple and the problem is that we seem to have far too many simple minded Americans who can't see it. We know that they obstruct at every turn and have done so since the birth of the dossier and there has been no break. It's daily. Another thing we know is that those who scream the loudest like stuck pigs and obstruct the most are those who are on somebody's payroll and Trump is messing up their playhouse because he's interfering in the status quo. They can't fulfill all of their deals and promises to those who line their pockets without his cooperation . and Trump is oblivious and uncaring when it comes to their screams of outrage. Trump is the first president who has attempted to address virtually every problem we've had for decades. The man is astounding. He doesn't care that those in Congress don't want any problems solved because it's far more lucrative to leave those problems unsolved and use them as political footballs. Their actions show their desperation. Whether what Trump is attempting to do works or not and is the right move or not; at least he's trying. I cannot fathom all that would have already been accomplished if they were out of the way.
Zulurr 2 years ago
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Toran 2 years ago
This is good news for me! I wouldn’t read too much into it, though. This doesn’t mean that relationships and having children are not fulfilling.

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